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Manage your coffee production
while you sleep.

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Don't let your coffee production grind to a halt

  • Ordering: Combine all customer orders easily and let your beanventory ping your roaster to start working on them.
  • Roasting Schedule: With your beanventory the guesswork vanishes from your roasting schedule, telling you the optimal time and amount to roast to fulfil your orders.
  • Beanventory: Managing your inventory (roasted, green and everything in between) has never been easier with your beanventories assistance.
  • Order Dispatch: Roasting is only one side of the equation. Your beanventory will hand your dispatch team the packing, picking and shipping lists for a smooth delivery to your customers.
  • Production reports: Keep a bird’s eye view of your production to ensure you are on track without looking into the details.

Still drowning in spreadsheets?

After talking to roasters and roastery owners, we heard a clear message: Collating all the orders from different channels, working out which customer needs what, making sure inventory numbers match up, and in general, managing the bean production can give you more than one headache. Many hours are wasted double-checking entries and creating spreadsheets to feel that peace of mind of knowing your numbers are correct.

Ultimately, as a Production Manager, you want to focus on the quality of your operation, ensuring everything runs smoothly according to plan. And if you own the business, you want to ensure your accounts are on point and all your different stocks accounted for in your inventory.

Green Coffee Order Calculator

Asking yourself: 'How much green coffee to order?'

Your beanventory will let you know how much you should order and when the ideal time to order is to maximise production and minimise costs.

In the meantime you can use the calculator below to see what the ideal amount to order is for you.

*Weekly green coffee demand in kilograms
*How much, on average, do you pay per order.
*Holding costs typically should be between 20% and 30%. Ideally, consult with your accountant to know your holding cost.
Give it a try!
Transparent pricing

At Bean Mind, we don't believe in complex pricing plans. Instead of upgrading to a higher tier for that one feature you wanted, you should only pay for what you use.

Our journey together starts with the Essentials plan. This allows you to quickly manage your small to medium roasting business and get used to your beanventory.

The Essentials plan has everything your heart might desire: Order management (combining all the orders in one place), a beanventory which manages your stock taking into account your paper inventory and your live inventory, order dispatching and up to date packing list, and much more!

As your needs grow, you will be able to get add-ons which will enable you to automate even more parts of your business. (if you want to know more about future add-ons, subscribe to our newsletter below).

Don't have time to think about this now?

You'll remember us when you’re busy entering data and working out what needs to be done on an excel sheet. That is between 1 and 4 weeks a year of wasted time!

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