Coffee Roasting Production Management for the Rest of Us

Coffee roasters around the world manage their roasting production in many different ways.

There are specific activities they all share:

  • deciding which coffees to offer
  • show their customers their new offering
  • depending on demand, calculate the green been needs
  • schedule the production
  • and finally, ship their roasted coffee

Depending on how automated that workflow is, each step takes time and proper planning.

For small (and medium) speciality roasters, the reality is quite challenging; orders come in through more channels than I can list and are jotted down on a napkin or spreadsheet; human error is not only possible but a day-to-day reality.

Of course, software exists that solves these issues to some extent (some quite thoroughly). Most providers come from different places, some of them being the golden standard for roast profiling.

There is a need for tools focused exclusively on your coffee production needs.

And so our vision was conceived:

Elevate the coffee roasting business by simplifying production with software.

In this simple message, we codified what we believe to be the essence of what we do; providing software that doesn’t only do the job but is a pleasure to use and eases your mind.

The following posts will take you along on our journey to elevate the production of coffee with software.

Join us on our quest!

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