Simplify Your Roastery Management: Big news from Bean Mind HQ

Running a roastery is hard work.

We have been working hard too. Talking to roasters and developing the tools everyone needs. So much so that we haven’t updated you on where we are and where we’re going. So here it is.

Version 0.89.11 Update

We have built these features:

  • Dashboard that shows # batches roasted, amount per release roasted, green stock amount and value.
  • Green Inventory with multiple locations and in transit stock management and suppliers.
  • Production planning to plan out your current and future releases.
  • Order processing
  • Wholesale customers with order history.
  • Roasting Schedule with Batch yield edit and Coffee Release weight loss updating.
  • Roasted coffee inventory with Overage.
  • Order Prioritisation by the dispatch date.
  • Grinding schedule
  • Bagging schedule
  • Order Packing schedule with lists and delivery notes.
  • Order Dispatch
  • Wholesale orders portal your wholesale customers can use a custom URL to order from you.

We’re very excited about the next set of features we are releasing during the next 8 weeks:

  • Product lines easily plan your year by creating product lines like ‘House espresso’ or ‘Floral filter’ and assigning consecutive greens maintaining a selection your customers are familiar with.
  • Subscriptions and Standing orders
  • Plan your production taking into account recurring orders
  • Customer-specific products pretty handy if you want to make exceptions or white label.
  • Product pricing and discounting
  • Volume, amount, and customer-specific pricing for your customers
  • Wastage & manual adjustments record weight loss, test roasts, botched roasts, QC, spillage, staff coffee, underweight green etc. The first step in increasing efficiency in a roastery is measuring all the ins and all the outs.

Interested in Beanventory?

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Stop paying for things you don’t need!

Tiered pricing always seems unfair to us, you might only want a few features but you’re made to pay for the whole tier. This is why we got rid of tiers.

Our pricing is simple: a flat monthly subscription of £80 for all current and future Essential features or €90 for Europe and $96 USD for the rest of the world. These are features that you need to run your roastery smoothly. Advanced features will be priced as add-ons so you can pick and choose the ones you need.

We know what you are thinking: my roastery has unique needs that are best catered to by my own manual spreadsheets. But here’s the thing: we are continuously developing the features you need so if you need a unique feature to make your life easier just reach out and we’ll find out a way to cater to your unique needs.

Running a busy schedule and don’t have time to sign up and upload all your data?

We get it, that’s why we offer a concierge service to get your data transferred. Join us for a live demo, send in your data and we’ll do the rest.

Why not use software from people that listen to you?

Not all software is built the same, we exist to make your life easier which means simple intuitive design that gets the job done. Instead of information overload think about seeing what you need, when you need it.

To sign up, simply send us an email and we’ll arrange a call to take things to the next level.

Any questions? Just ask

Let’s solve the coffee industry’s problems together.

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